Accelerating Future

Future shocking digital dividing for this week ending the 29/08/10: More news on how Intel plans to replace the keyboard and mouse with mind control, new Digg fails big time, epic Rockband of the future with augmented reality, finally someone reinvents the stove with some cool concept tech, and we discuss future shock: what it is, what it means and how it will affect us all as technology continues to climb the exponential curve toward the Singularity.

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Stories covered this week:
Computers That Read Minds Are Being Developed by Intel, New Digg is Launched And It Sucks, Future Rockband Augmented Reality (Video), Stove-top Re-invented - The William (Video), Wikipedia: Future Shock, Wikipedia: Digital Divide, Future Shock Level Analysis - Michael Anissimov, Louis CK - Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy


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