Accelerating Future

Evil overlord teddy bears for this week ending the 10/10/10 (that's a cool date): Google has already secretly logged 140,000 miles on real highways in autonomous self-driving cars, robots controlled by living rat neurons hint at a merging of organics and synthetics, biometrics well underway with the release of an Android app that records your body vitals, Fujitsu develops a cute robotic teddy bear that is sure to dominate the world soon, and we briefly discuss the future of toys for children.

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Stories covered this week:
Google Has Logged 140,000 Miles in Autonomous Robotic Cars [SingularityHub Videos], Robot Controlled by Neurons From Rat Brain, Android App Monitors Your Organs Records Biometrics, Fujitsu Creates Robotics Teddy Bear With Empathy, The Last Mimzy (Movie), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Movie), Siftables - Digital Toy Blocks, LightSaber Christmas Present (Video)


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