Accelerating Future

Cracking the human social algorithm for this week ending the 27/03/11: our favourite Quadrocopters can now juggle balls between each other, MIT takes a stab at a vision of the year 2037, the latest telepresence robot is more automated and smaller, social bots gain autonomous influence and standing in online social networks. Hivemind topic: we discuss a very near future in which social networks or hiveminds can be played and "mined" by autonomous bots, where you have a unique algorithm encompassing all your demographic and behavioural data for better personalisation and recommendation... and well, other stuff :)

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Stories covered this week:
Quadrocopters Can Now Juggle Balls,, In the year 02037..., MIT Future Freight Flows Project 2037, [Official Site], The Gostai Jazz Telebot, Willow Garage, Rise of the Socialbots - Fake Tweets Fool Followers, Socialbots 2011 Competition, Friday - Rebecca Black, NodeXL, The RSA Animate, RSA Animate - The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?, CloudGirlfriend - Create a Fake Facebook Girlfriend


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