Accelerating Future

Who is actually in control? this week ending the 17/04/11: Brazilian police to be equipped with HUD overlays that identify up to 400 faces per second, Square to be endorsed by Apple as mobile payments finally push into the mainstream, an awesome concept video of a smart connected home, using algorithms to predict the success of technology companies and technological innovation as a whole, the Internet is now officially merged with reality - there is no difference. And the Singularity, hivemind topic: we discuss the idea of technology as a separate symbiotic entity which is, in a sense, engulfing humanity to learn from us - but at what price?

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Stories covered this week:
Brazilian Police to Use 'Robocop-style' Glasses at World Cup, Square Mobile Payments System, Square To Be Endorsed By Apple, Dropbox Storage, Ericsson’s Vision of the Future-Present Smart Home, Using Algorithms to Predict the Path of Technology, Quid, SXSW: The Internet is Over or At Least Merged, TED: Susan Blackmore on Memes & Temes


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