Adventure travel

Location In Order:
-Springfield, Queens
-Flushing Main Street
Music (Royalty Free):
-Finding the Balance

-------------*PLEASE READ*-----------------------
Experimental Project : Summer 13' Playback
Concept: Home Video - Documentary
I plan on recording a lot more videos of my days this summer, whether it be the most exciting or just as boring as staring at a rock for a couple of minutes. The point being, is that I need ... or better yet I want to learn as much as possible, from learning how to sketch to learning how to edit very well, as well as taking my designs a bit further.

The concept came from watching movies where the main character looks back at his own home videos with rough cuts, close ups, random out of focus style and what not. I just wanted to capture that in a sense while adding my own design and feel.

I hope you enjoy, any questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You :) (Comment,like & Subscribe)


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