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GR131: El Pilar - Roque de Los Muchachos
August 6 - 7, 2013

Brenda and I continued along the "El Bastion" or "Transvulcania" Trail from where we left off the previous day (Fuencaliente - El Pilar ... The trail on this section becomes extremely rugged, steep and rocky in places except for the dirt road leading out of Refugio El Pilar. It would actually have been easier to hike this in reverse as it would have been a downhill gradient. The views get spectacular as one progresses north on the spine and west along the crest of the Caldera de Taburiente. Although clear and sunny, the view into the Caldera was somewhat obscured by the Calima phenomenon. We camped overnight discreetly along the crater rim in order to view and photograph / timelapse the Milky Way (a sleepless night indeed). It was a night to remember ... the night skies were stunning and the weather was tolerable, albeit chilly in the early hours. We continued early the next morning toward Roque de Los Muchachos (2426 M above sea level), passing a fleet of observatories. Muchachos is accessible by car as it's a little ways past the observatory, and parking is available there. We decided not to continue to Mirador El Time due to time, lack of sleep and the fact that I wanted to return instead to the same peak two nights later and again take advantage photographing the Milky Way (two are shown from this hikes campout in this video). To sum it up, this was an epic hike !

The final portion of the Transvulcania:

On a return trip we will definitely complete the GR131 from Faro - Fuencaliente in the south and Roque de Los Muchachos to Mirador El Time in the west (the final stretch from El Time to Tazacorte we completed a couple of days earlier ...

For detailed information regarding this section of the GR131 please refer to

A good article to read as well at

For information on the Transvulcania marathon see

Our La Palma hiking holiday was co-ordinated by Ann and David at Holiday La Palma (
During our latter stay and while hiking the GR131 we stayed at a lovely country house (

see our other hiking / timelapse videos of La Palma here:

Video shot using the GoPro Hero3 (full - wide HD 1920x1080, 60fps), edited with Final Cut Pro and Quicktime

Images shot by my wife Brenda with the Panasonic Lumix LX7

Music: "Meditteranean Flower" (Chill Version) & "Shine On Me" by Sunlounger


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