AEGEE PEOPLE!!! Wake up... Summer 2013 is coming!
It's time to choose your ideal SU!
Are you ready to get the most from your two-week international dream? Well, Agrigento invites you to participate to its new revolutionary SU projects: not just one, but two events, to let the highest number of people enjoy and experience the magic wonders of summer in Sicily.
It will be a fantastic journey through history, arts, beautiful beaches and landscapes, incredibly tasty food and fantastic people everywhere around you.
Are you ready for relaxing days... and sleepless nights?
Would you like to warm up under the sun... and cool down with fresh crystal water?
Do you want to try something different? Make new friends in dreamy surroundings? And maybe fall in love?
AEGEE Agrigento is waiting for you to come and transform Sicily with your passion!


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