Panasonic AG-AF100

This week I picked up a Voigtländer 25/0.95 for my GH13 and AF101. I wanted to do a piece with the combo but the weather outdoors was so boring. Then I looked at vimeo and saw the weekend project. Only one rule - use the music track "Catching The Simple But Happy Days". I also had to do my laundry so I came up with doing a piece on the laundry room.

As it happens this was also the last day with the old booking system. It's to be replaced with an electronic one which will make it more difficult to access the laundry room so I'm not to happy with that. So in line with the tune "Catching The Simple But Happy Days" this is my tribute to how the laundry room worked before the change.

I had my AF101 on the Manfrotto 504/546 tripod and also made use of my skate dolly for a couple of shots.

Settings on the AF101:

Detail: -7
V Detail: -7
Coring: -2
Chroma: -5
Gamma: Cinelike V
Matrix: Norm1

1080p25 and most of the shots are with the Voigtländer at 0.95.

Weekend Project - SoundCloud Inspiration @ vimeo


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