African Tech

Africa's youth population (aged between 15 and 30) make up over 20% of the continent's population and around 40% of the continent's workforce. The usual story we hear is how this explosion of youth is tied to unemployment, civil unrest, and crime. But there is another side to this story.

Whether it's a Ugandan engineer teaching robotics to youth in remote villages, or a Malawian who taught himself to build a windmill which now powers his entire community's village, or Kenyans racing to offer the continent's first pan-Africa mobile banking solution - left to their own devices they are coming up with disruptive innovations, creating new business models that not employ themselves, but their peers, and creating new ecosystems for trade that boost the continent's productivity.

Economist and Writer George Ayittey refers to such young millennial go-getters as being hungry for success and as nimble as Cheetah's (in contrast to the stagnant 'Hippos' of previous generations).

THE CHEETAH CODE explores this emerging African creative class and the mindset of these young cheetahs and entrepreneurs who are changing the future of business in the continent.

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