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For the past two months I've been developing this three part ad series for Nike as a student project at Full Sail University. The ads are nebulous by design, and are simply meant to provoke interest in Nike's design personalization service called NIKE iD. The imagery is meant to show a person looking at an unknown, yet desirable object. The person tries to reach out their hand take hold of it but it manifests itself as a shoe. Again, this is not meant to make immediate sense to the viewer, it's simply meant to provoke interest in what Nike is doing. I feel like I had the freedom to do this in no small part to the strength of Nike's brand. This is also why I abstained from providing any additional information like a web address. On a technical note, this was shot completely in front of a blue screen. All of the 3D modeling was done using Modo 302 and the compositing and additional effects were added using After Effects CS4 and a third party plug in called Trapcode Particular. I'd like to thank my three actors: Lenox Cruthers, Liz Kandel (My wife) and Atanas Djibirov. I'd also like to thank Mike Bennett and Kristian Zabala for their work as grips even though that's way below their abilities. Also, the music was composed by Craig Armstrong, one of my favorite composers. Please take a look at the side by side comparison of the storyboards, blue screen and final edit and please let me know what you think. Thanks.

Check out the video I put together on my production process here:


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