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Here's an in-depth a tutorial that goes over the new features in Version 1.5 of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE. Thanks to Kevin Schires for putting this tut together. Kevin knows the features very well, since he is part of the Engineering team that did the programming at mettle.

Points of interest:
00:45 New Feature Summary
01:30 Materials (Example)
06:08 Equirectangular Reflections
06:35 Displacement Map Channels
16:00 Displacement Map using Element 3D
17:00 Displacement Map using Cineware
19:45 Uniform vs. Adaptive Tesselation
22:48 Displacement Noise
34:06 Combining Displacement Map & Noise
38:17 Fresnel
40:24 Glass Material and X-Ray Effect
43:00 Creating Mountains
51:40 Fog & Mist

Version 1.5 of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE is a free update available to our registered customers. They will receive access to V1.5 first via e-mail invite. So if you have purchased our products look for an e-mail with download instructions.
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