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This is the short story about open communication platform for use in business environment called Erudion. To accomplish success nothing is more important than good communication in company and great boss who can help make that happen.

One of the scientist wrote that company works the same as tribe and boss of the company is like chief of the tribe. With great boss the company can achieve great things and so it is for the tribe.

The animation shows the story of five examples of bosses / chiefs: Corporate Boss, Aboriginal Chief, The Viking Chief, the King and finally the good, open-minded type of Boss. The first four of them ruled using fear and exploitation. The last one, open-minded Boss, uses communication and good flow of information in his company. He used Erudion system to ensure the communication is the best possible.

Client: Erudion
Story: Artur Nowak-Gocławski, Wojciech Kamiński, Paweł Lipiec, Norbert Mikołajczyk
Art Director: Norbert Mikołajczyk
Illustrator: Norbert Mikołajczyk
Animator: Norbert Mikołajczyk
Sound Design: Mateusz Skalski

Thanks to: Tomek Kowalik, Ewelina Skowrońska, Piotr Bajtała, Dominika Naruszko and everyone involved :)


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