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Hi girls and boys!

This tutorial will show you how to create a light painting with no-plug-in in a less than 3 minutes after effects tutorial. (Because we don't like blablas)

1. How to use the wiggle() to move a null object (don't forget to alt-click on the timer icon to open the script editor)
2. How to link properties from the null object to another object
3. In the cc particules system II - Feel free to change the colors and some of the parameters. It's your game :)
4. Play with the particules types (and move from light effect to smoke effect, for exemple.
5. This is a basis. I let the AEP project files for your free test.

You can download the aep file at

Have lot a of fun. It's free.

Thanks for watching

Music: Closing Titles by Silence Is Sexy (


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