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In mid-2012 we were commissioned by Ziguzajg Children's Festival and Soundscapes to bring to life two Maltese Folk tales based on the treatment and music of Ruben Zahra. These tales had already toured a number of festivals with a live narrator and music composed by Ruben Zahra but lacked a visual element. The brief was to develop a style based on shadow puppetry but whilst finding a way to make it Maltese, true to the folk tale's original form.
Once again Shadeena collaborated with Nel Pace and together with the client we developed a style that included elements of Baroque Architecture, Filigree and traditional Maltese Lace.

Conception and music composition by: Ruben Zahra
Pianist: Tricia Dawn Williams
Narrator: Isabelle Gatt
Translations: Marilyn Mangion

Animation produced by Shadeena
Directed and animated by Martin Bonniċi
Production design by Nel Pace

Videos commissioned by Żigużajg Arts Festival for Children & Young People 2012


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