Akron, Ohio

Two friends think they've finally found the right girl.

Annette Lawless nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Annette Lawless as Jenny
Kevin Tasker as Wade
Robert Miller as Francis
Danny Bass as Rick Everett
Tom Reed as The Boss

Jamie Overstreet
Kreg Vetovitz
Jon Nix
Kayla Muller
Brad Burke
TeeJay Corrigan
Holly Belt
Zoey Miller

Writer/Kevin Tasker
Editor/Brad Burke/TeeJay Corrigan/Jon Nix
Producer/Jamie Overstreet
Director of Photography/Anthony Snitzer
Camera Operators/Ralph Miller/Brad Burke/TeeJay Corrigan/Kayla Muller
Score/Jim Curtis/William Palmer/Jim Spradlin/Chuck Roman
Audio Technician/Kreg Vetovitz
Production Assistant/Holly Belt
Director/Ralph Miller

j vimeo.com/46590812

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