Al Jazeera Frames

Twenty six year old Flavia Maria Juan Lux doesn't have enough food to feed her six children.

Her husband makes less than US$5 a day working as a farm laborer. Like all the laborers here, he's contracted to work for two months, and then has to take a month off without pay.

The family does not have any land to grow their own food.

The community where they live is surrounded by an expansive macadamia nut plantation, where most of the men work. The owners of the plantation are have kept their name out of the public records ...

Flavia's second youngest child is severely malnourished. His hair should not be blonde. Her family is an example of why Guatemala has the fourth-highest rate of chronic childhood malnutrition in the world.

Music: Ernst Reijseger And Mola Sylla - "Su Bolu 'e s'Astore"

Filmed on Panasonic GH13 using 20mm pancake lens.


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