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Keuken #1, in point of fact, was primarily financed by the method of pre-capitalistic economy, a plain Exchange. The ritual of the modern capitalistic-based system was particularly turned down, meanwhile the practice of utilitarian barter was massively involved, facilitating nearly 80% of its financial recourses. The accumulation of this such practice in which what locally called ‘udunan’, however, besides resulting efficient amount of production excess, has also pushed us to value our surroundings expertise and competence genuinely.

And this what also finally encountered Keuken with Nordhen Basic, a fashion brand that shares particular vision with Keuken in empowering local optimism. Nordhen Basic is Bandung based company that have been taking-in high integrity of ethical, social, and environmental values to the field of home industry fashion since the year of 2009. In this regard, Nordhen Basic teamed up to embrace the afore mentioned mission by way of providing series of well-tailored half-length cooking apron to be used by related tennats/chefs during or after the event.

Subsequent to their generous service and product, Keuken, beside affording to them a 1 to 1 branding instruments during the event, is also excited to extend the amount of the shared-vision, again, through the production of video documentation. Handhyanto Hardian, who is responsible to this concern, found it really really amazing. As a result, a 2 minutes video by Handhyanto Hardian is now ready to reveal all the beauty that touches on the spirit of the local empowerment as well as the spirit of Keuken and Nordhen Basic odd collaboration, an apron.

filmed by Handhyanto Hardian
Edited by Handhyanto Hardian

music: Bonobo - Gypsy


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