The clip is showing some impressions of the beautiful landscape of the Black Forest. To make it even more fascinating, the different locations are shown in timelapse. Made for hochschwarzwald.de.

All photography was done by Michael Arndt from sphera-media.de.

After Michael had shot all the footage, he handed it over to me. The postproduction of the clip included de-flickering and stabilizing all the shots as well as removing some distracting elements. There was also some 3D typography integration being done. Finally, I added color correction to get the smoothest and most atmospheric result.

Software used:
After Effects CS6 (de-flickering, retiming and scaling, compositing the 3D typography onto the real image)
Mocha Pro (stabilizing, removing distracting elements, even rotoscoping in one shot)
PF Matchit (matchmoving camera motion for typography integration)
Cinema 4D (creating 3D letters, place them in landscape using matchmove-data from PF Matchit)
Avid Media Composer (edit all together)
DaVinci Resolve Lite (color correction via AAF roundtrip)

j vimeo.com/72219116

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