This is Oslo Barcode. From an initially skeptical position, I have increasingly become fascinated with these buildings. Shot this little timelapse-video over a weekend in June, snatching the benefit of the nice weather in Oslo this month.

Oslo Barcode is a row of new high-rise buildings which due to be completed around 2016. The Barcode is situated in Bjørvika, close to the Norwegian Opera House as well as the Central Station. There has been intense public debate about these buildings in Norway. Some consider the project hostile to the public – creating a wall between the fjord and the city. Others find the architecture chaotic and absurd. In my unqualified opinion, the Barcode is a great piece of art. However, currently I would agree that the area is not very friendly to the urban life of the city. For now, the Barcode predominantly holds work spaces and offices for private companies, thus offering little room and opportunities for the public. Developments suggest that more shops and restaurants are planned to open at ground level. One can thus hope that more people soon will enjoy the modern and uplifting feeling of this area – a feeling which this video tries to convey.

Soundtrack by Philter.


j vimeo.com/98582486

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