GLITCH is a personal project that i've been working on for some time now.
Glitch started out as just an experiment with some new techniques inside cinema 4D and after effects.
I started messing around with some tools until i got the idea of creating some sort of testing room where basic "living" shapes appear.
I wanted to make a transition between those shapes but i didn't really knew how i wanted the transition to be.
So with some more experimenting i came up with some sort of glitch effect.
I really liked the effect and it suited perfectly with the mood i wanted to achieve for the video.
In the video i also worked with allot of random effectors.
The thing about those random effectors is that you don't have full control over what is happening.
This is something i really liked about this project.
Although i created the the shapes, the fact that some parts are randomized makes the shapes more organic and alive in my opinion.

music: Access to Arasaka - Nypox

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