Artec Pictures Presents: AMP/Artec's Melting Pot

Mechanized Intimacy involves a 24-hour collaboration of the performer/artist with 20 foreign total strangers to take a picture every minute as they kiss throughout the duration of the work process. A total of 1440 still images (per stranger) of the targeted 24-hour kissing marathon is stringed together into a full-minute film experimentation on the limitations of kissing: its shift from an intimate act to a mechanical process, or the other way around.

In 20 separate "kissing marathons", I kissed 20 strangers (specifically of backgrounds and cultures that are not my own). Each of these sessions takes 24 hours on the dot and edited to a minute video. The whole work (20 videos of 20 sessions) will be exhibited as an installation with one screen dedicated to each video, a total of 20 identical screens lined up, showing a one minute compressed outcome of a 24 hour meeting of accelerated intimacy with a stranger, or a lack of it.


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