In mid August in a bid to enjoy the late celebration of "Sedghammers" birthday we embarked on a trip to the magical place of Amsterdam. From the 13th to the 18th of August I had possibly some of the most hilarious time of my life! I recorded / documented to the best of my ability but this video only shows a slice of the fun we got up to! Trying out local delicacies was a lot of fun.
Day 1 consisted of leaving the London Mega Bus station at 9 at night, in which the MOST ridiculous coach journey ever. By the time we had stopped off at Brussels, we had 2 extremely drunk members of our group and a broken coach toilet! We then landed in the Amsterdam coach depo at 8 AM. Next we proceeded to get a tram into Amsterdam and hit up the Bulldog café nearest us for some "light refreshments". What proceeded was amazing and the next 4 days were incredible!
Filmed and photographed by myself on a Canon 550 D, shout out to Amsterdam for being such a cool place!


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