Client: War Child, JipsGoedeDoelen, Lions Club
Location: The Netherlands

Goal: Jip Maathuis (16 y-o) is an inspiring young man. At the age of 9 he started selling letters made of chocolate to raise money for War Child, an organisation that helps children in (post-)conflict regions to restart their lives. They've been witnesses to atrocities, sometimes they where even the ones that had to commit them. Having been inspired by a friend from Afghanistan, Jip wanted to do more for other kids of his age that didn't have the some privilege that he had. What started as an idea to sell 100 letters expanded quickly. The first year he sold over 10.000. Now, 7 years down the road, Jip has helped War Child to raise over 170.000 euro which allowed them to build projects in Uganda and Afghanistan. This is the story of a young and inspiring entrepreneur.

Production Video:
Beyond Borders Media produced this video at multiple location in The Netherlands. In The Hague we followed Jip to a big conference, in Amsterdam he did a presentation. And, in the east of the country, we've followed Jip around his home situation in Enschede and around.

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