This is literally the first footage I got once successfully adapting the Century Optics anamorphic lens for use with my GH2. Like the Wek Fest footage, this is all handheld using the 14-42mm Lumix as my "taking lens" since my Nikkors are a lot heavier. I'll put them to use once I get my support rail/splint. This is the worst lens I own but I'm still pleased with its performance compared to what I was expecting. Gravel and leaf detail is pretty good.

The sun was starting to go down and I'd been wanting to look around the little nature trail in back of where I live. My main interest in cinematography is horror/thriller+documentary and thought the setting was creepy enough to maybe find a psycho killer, no? LOL.

The music track is off the BLEACH soundtrack that I threw back there for the fun of it. It made me giggle so I decided to leave it.


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