Life is all about meeting !
I was on my way home when I met this strange man straight from the lord of the ring.
I'm joking but like I've said I was on the run to take my flight to PARIS.
When he talked to me it was like time break !
He spoke on so many subjects.
But at this time I was wondering to myself ; "what's the link, hurry up ! I'm gonna miss my flight ;p".
Few month later I watched my rushs and it was clear like cristal.
This man gave me the secret of happyness in few words !
"LOVE" that's what it was all about !
Everyday life takes us in the rush and we become blind and deaf little by little focus on our goals...
Heart can see what eyes can not for those who speak with and thoses who listen..
So I wanted to thanks MR JEFF TOBIS "THE HEARTIST" who spread luv for free.


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