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Reel Breakdown

Please take a look at my Student Film RabbitKadabra!
Little Emily wanders into a hidden part of town and stumbles upon a failing magic shop, where she is given a magical mechanical stuffed Rabbit. She brings him to life, expecting a magic show, but gets more than she bargains for....

RabbitKadabra is a student short film created at the School of Visual Arts by Michelle Czajkowski, Krzysztof Fus, Naomi Chen, and David Chen. It won the Jury Award for "Best in Show" At the School of Visual Arts Thesis Film Screening.

RabbitKadabra- Emily
Responsible for Modeling and Shading of the character.

RabbitKadabra- Magic Shop
Responsible for Modeling all assets in the Magic Shop. Created a procedural dustywood shader and dustyglass shader. Responsible for texturing the furniture in the shop and some of the props.

RabbitKadabra- Town
Responsible for all town modeling and Texturing

Concept by Peter De Seve
Modeled and posed the character based on the illustration.

Sculpted in Zbrush and later retoped in topogun. Generated occlusion and normal maps for final result.

Mountain Dew 01
Studio - Shilo
Responsible for all modeling.

Studio - Shilo
Responsible for Modeling speedometer and gauges.

Swansons Slowcooker
Studio - Shilo
Responsible for Modeling Shading and Texturing

Chase BluePrint
1st Ave Machine
Responsible for Modeling CreditCard and icons.

Mountain Dew 02
Studio - Shilo
Responsible for tracking and all Modeling.

Mountain Dew 03
Studio - Shilo
Responsible for all Modeling. Textured Can and assisted in texturing the background.

RabbitKadabra- Emily Sleeping
Modeling and Shading of Emily. Modeling of Pajamas.


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