At last, it all comes to that pivotal crucial point at the very top of Castle Llamastein. Croft is returning with The Path to the Second Key, which the evil scientists are on the verge of destroying in an attempt to unleash its power. The Inglourious Llamas are due to blow the Castle sky high. Where is Doktor Von Llama in all this? And which of the llamas fought the hardest to reach the ceremony room first? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

The video takes us to the next event's theme... LlamaLAN 2142!

LlamaLAN run two LAN events every year - they are fun, full of friendly llamas, and are a unique in that we present an overdramatic parody-filled storyline based on the themes, one leading to the next. LlamaLAN XX took place November 1st - 3rd 2013. The theme - the Second World War.

MUSIC CREDITS IN THE VIDEO (all of which are fantastic soundtracks)

This represents the culmination of about ten months of me working in as much spare time as I could manage. But the effort the voice actors put in has to be recognised - additionally, I must thank Tim Hull for providing and maintaining the render farm that was absolutely essential. There are a few hitches and glitches here and there, but I have to get on with 2142 ;)

Script, editing, and all animation by Matt Ainge. Additional video from and Action Essentials. Marching boots sound from Other supporting sound effects from Check them out.

Gabriel Wolf - Che Guellama, Green Llama, The L-Man
Tyrone Houston - Blue Llama, Nazi Scientist
Denise Ward - Llama Croft


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