3D/2D Animation

"At the beginning of time, our world was a desert illuminated by two suns where the mankind barely could keep alive and the night was unknown. Meanwhile one sun provided life, the other one provided a sure death. Then, the change started…"

Plot material is based on a chinese legend called "QUA", that I found looking for inspirational ideas at Internet. Briefly, tells how in our ancient past, the Moon was very hot and shiny, more than the Sun, impeding normal life course. One day, a man called Qua climbed a hill and thrown a handful of sand to the star, extinguishing its fire. The wounded moon runned far away in the space, so far that its light was harmful no more, but its surface would be marked forever with scars and wounds after the sand touch, as we know today. Plot basis was so visually powerful that I only needed creating a couple of characters and motivations in order to get an alive story and start working.

Platinum Remi Award for best animation shortfilm at Houston 43th Annual WorldFest.
3th Award at Certamen de Cortometrajes Pozuelo Cine.
- Officially selected at other 25 USA and overseas film festivals.
- Officially selected at other 23 spanish film festivals.

More at avaray.com.

j vimeo.com/25386170

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