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「ほたるの群れ」公式サイト studioetcetera.com/hotaru/



「ほたるの群れ」4コママンガ版 日常編「五倉山中学日記」(無料連載)


「ほたるの群れ」アニメPV 製作スタッフ

制作 スタジオ・エトセトラ/イアリンジャパン
監督 川崎健司(イアリンジャパン)

音楽監督 八幡浩暢(oo39ドットコム)
声の出演 星川かすみ・米本志穂
主題歌「欠片」Screaming Masks

原作・監修 向山貴彦
キャラクターデザイン 平山けいこ
原作編集・監修 吉見知子

プロデュース 笠島久嗣(イアリンジャパン)・永島賞二(幻冬舎)

special thanks to:


"Fireflies" official website (Japanese)


This short animated video is a promotional film for the Japanese fiction novel series "Fireflies".
"Fireflies (Hotaru-no-Mure)" is a action-packed thriller about an ancient underground orphanage that secretly spawns deadly assasins known only as "Koma". Kitami, a normal fourteen year-old girl accidentally witnesses a Koma killing someone in the woods. Now she is the target of the orphanage --- and the only person who can save her is Eiji, the unwilling, shy boy that sits next to her at school.
song lyrics

I'll tell you in the end
Words that'll be there when I'm not
"I'm sorry, thank you and good-bye"

And if I guard my tears from you
The darkness holds no fear for me
Silently and silently...

written by Takahiko Mukoyama
animation by Eallin Japan

rewritten by Tomoko Yoshimi
original character design by Keiko Hirayama
music score by oo39.com
voice acting by Kasumi Hoshikawa, Shiho Yonemoto
theme music "Kakera (Shattered Pieces)" by Screaming Masks

website by Tetsuya Onishi
produced by Shoji Nagashima (Gentosha)

special thanks to
Makoto Igarashi, Takako Inoue, Daisuke Kai, Keiko Kimura, Makoto Koizumi, Atsuko Mukoyama, Yoshihiko Mukoyama, Etsuko Yamada, Sumiyo Yoshimi, and HUMAN Sappro Academy

j vimeo.com/53407423

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