3D/2D Animation

Man In A Black Suit is my bachelor thesis.
It tells a story that takes you on a journey through different media, a journey of a man,
who feels stuck within his form of perception, trying to escape and find the truth and his creator.
What is reality? What is fiction? How does language work, or better, does it work at all?
What about free will? Do we tell or are we told?

Parts of the story are inspred by the work of William S. Burroughs,
Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, Alan Watts, Tom Waits and many more.

written/directed/edited/animated by Bernd Zeier
starring/narration: Bernd Zeier
camera: Chafik Kahla
music/sound: Bernd Zeier und Chafik Kahla

Kommunikationsdesign, Sommer 2013, Zeichnen/Medien, Hochschule Trier
Prof. Baback Mossa Asbagholmodjahedin

© 2013 Bernd Zeier / Hochschule Trier

j vimeo.com/69691941

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