Contemporary Art verses Gravity

'Walking all over my friends'
HD Video, 6:00 loop.
Daniel Kojta

In 'Walking all over my friends', I commissioned several contemporary Australian artists to film their lower half as they walk, and generally function throughout their day or evening (continuing) ; as they function through the day whilst on residency at Arthur Boyds', Bundanon. I have then united this video footage with my own top half, creating a single being. In a manipulation of the visual via basic video edit techniques, 'Walking all over my friends' creates a fictional version of myself. Fictional as I am unable to walk. As a paraplegic I use a wheelchair for mobility. Here, healed by the omniscient power of technology; 'visual propaganda in a virtual movement'.
In the same manner as television has created an audience in stasis, where interactivity is engaged visually, this work utilises technology to generate a metaphor of the paralysis experienced through paraplegia; a choreographed abstract of the contemporary flaneur.

Contributing artist's include: Adam Cullen, Claire Healy, Sean Cordeiro, Wade Marynowsky, Malcom Whittiker, Mark Bolotin and others.


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