« With relief, with humiliation, with terror he understood that he too was a mere appearance,
dreamt by another. » Borges - Fictions -

FICTIONS travels the conflictual area between dreams and reality, others and ourselves, seen and unseen,
appearances and light overgrowing slowly a forgotten unknown a fundamental shadow

FICTIONS is an interpretation, an exploration, an invitation to take off the mask of appearances
and try to have a look at the other side of the mirror


film by Marina Taleb

with Alexia Taleb & Marina Taleb
Made with a Canon 5D Mark II

sounds :

My Poseidon - Sebastien Tellier / Beauty Never Fades - Junkie XL / Virtual Mima - Masahiro Ikumi
Snake Princess : Eternal Darkness ost - Steve Henifin / Kairo ost - Takefumi Haketa

j vimeo.com/69878643

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