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Inspired from the wisdom of how Chinese explores life, Identity Incubator will present lives in petri dishes by capturing the uniqueness of fingerprints. Fingerprint is an uniqueness identity. This work exhibits in the window display of shopping mall, grabbing the partial pattern of the fingerprint of the “window shopper”. The partial of fingerprint has a bar-code like form, Identity Incubator extend it into a cell-like object, inject into the work and incubate. Audience injects their life element into the work.

以中國對生命的探索智慧出發,通過擷取指模賦予的獨特身份和命運,把生命注入展覽中的生命培養皿。 指模是我們獨特的身份表徵。作品在商場的櫥窗展示,擷取櫥窗外觀眾的指模部份。指模的部份有著如條碼般的圖案,作品把這部份圖案延伸成為細胞狀,灌注入作品之中並一直培養。觀眾直接把自已的生命注入作品之中。

Exhibition website:
Work website:

"Mimicry Lamp" is one of the art work exhibits at "Dynamic Livings", K11 Hong Kong.
"擬態光" 是 “動.態.生” 展覽其中一件作品,於香港K11展出。

Curated and Created by Dimension+, Presented by K11, Hong Kong.
Credits: (line-up by surname in alphabetical order)
Eric Chiu, Terry Hsu, Keith Lam, Kevin Lau, Chris Lee, Afra Lin, Michelle Ngai, Cynric Ng, Sandra Tong, Escher Tsai, Bright Tzeng, Sum Lee, Kiu Po, MissBean(Photography)


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