Arduino Projects

HAJA LUZ is a diabolical machine that has being built to control and manipulate dozens of home lamps in stage.
It is an audio-reactive device made for the stagedesign of "Digitopolis Orquestra" concert by Digitopia Group (Casa da Musica, Porto).

"HAJA LUZ" consists of a D.I.Y. electronic circuit composed by 10 relays that controls 10 different groups of lamps. This electronic circuit is controlled in realtime through an Arduino Board and a custom software (made in Processing).

It allows 3 different play modes ::
1. As a sequencer. Through a graphical interface it's possible to create and manipulate sequences of on/off lights animations.
2. As an audio reactor. Through the analysis of the Audio Spectrum the system autonomously reacts to the sound and turn on or off the lamps.
3. As a light organ. Through a Midi keyboard the interpreter is able to manually "play" light.

HAJA LUZ was developed by Rodrigo Carvalho, Maria Monica and Diogo Tudela as part of the "Digitopolis Orchestra" concert (29.09.2012)

video footage : Maria Monica, Rodrigo Carvalho
video edit : Rodrigo Carvalho

**** a special "Thank You" to everyone who lent us their house lamps


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