Arduino Projects

BoomIlluminator - Crowdsourced Light Show powered by Red Bull.
The BoomIlluminator is an interactive art installation, designed and built by the redpepper lab team for Red Bull's Creation competition.

When proximity sensors on the BoomIlluminator are triggered by a Red Bull, the lighting sequence is set into action.

The BoomIlluminator works by capturing audio waves in their natural environment with its onboard microphone. The audio is then fed thru the tubes of the Turbull encabulator and sent to its auditory capacitation pulse module. The sonic waves are interpreted, triggering complementary lighting sequences. The lighting sequence is then sent to the light display and to connected mobile devices thru the onboard node.js server. HTML5 websockets enable smart phones to synchronize with the stage lighting, revolutionizing an individual's role in enhancing what we have trademarked as the AudioVij experience.


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