The 2013 British & Irish Lions Rugby tour to Australia was one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. The clash was epic - and the TV commercial for the event was just as heroic.

As lead Flame Artist/compositor it was my task to ensure absolute realism for the commercial - especially those shots involving the lion, shot on bluescreen half a world away!
In addition to re-lighting the existing lion footage in 2D, there was a lot of other comp to do - such as adding feet to the lion where they were cropped out of frame, removing signage from the stadium, matte painting and re-lighting for the stadium to make the setting more ambiguous, plate cleanups, comping the boy into shots that were previously sans boy, rebuilding the stadium and projecting onto geometry to fake camera moves, re-timing of the lion to suit the slow pace of the TVC, and of course the final morph and logo animation.

Directors: Chris & Lachlan
Agency: Ogilvy Sydney
Production Company: Exit Films
Editor: Joe Morris
Colourist: Scott Maclean
Lead Flame: Scott Geersen
Additional Flame: Antony Haberl, Heather Galvin
Shake: Ron Roberts
Producer: Abby Buick


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