Animations, Short Films & Digital Art

1. ILLUSION (Thesis Film directed by Yoon sun Bae & Vanessa Lee)

- Responsible for Visual Development, Compositing,
Texturing & Shading (Flying Ship, Tree, Spiral, Ground, Wood House Environment),
Secondary Lighting, All the Environments and Flying Ship Concept Art, Set Dressing

- Programs : Maya, Vray, Mudbox, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects

2. Benjamin Moore TV Spot, Shades of Love and Happiness (Framestore)

- Responsible for Compositing 2D elements, Roto, Clean up
- Programs: Nuke, Mocha

3. GE Brilliant Enterprise Star Trek (Framestore)

- Responsible for Keying, Roto, Screen Replace, Despill
- Programs: Nuke, Mocha

4. Mercedes Benz (Framestore)

- Responsible for Environment Clean up (Road cleanup, Reflection, Beauty work) Roto
- Programs: Nuke, Mocha

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods (Framestore)

- Responsible for Environment Clean Up ( Markings, Beauty work, Crowd Roto)
- Programs: Nuke, Mocha

6. Captain Morgan (Framestore)

- Responsible for Ship Rig removal, Clean Up, Roto
- Programs: Nuke, Mocha

7. AMULET (Thesis Film)

- Responsible for Compositing
- Programs : Nuke, Photoshop

8. ENCOUNTER (Thesis FIlm)

- Responsible for Compositing, Heart Rate Monitor Motion Graphic
- Programs : Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

9. Personal Project

- Responsible for 2D/3D compositing, Matte painting for the city, 3D projection in Nuke
- Programs : Nuke, Photoshop


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