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Short documentary film of Phil the builder telling a story about the time he saved a man’s life.

The Story of Phil, The Builder:

“About half past seven, eight o clock at night. I came down over Tunbridge bridge, railway bridge, and looked and saw the building beside Mac Donald’s, the top floor a bloke hanging out and black smoke coming out.
I sort of come trundling down, got my ladders onboard, and up there no fire engine or anything there. And he (a pedestrian) said you’ve got to get him out, and he was hanging out the window.
I got my ladder off, put it up there, I had a pair of slippers on, moccasin slippers, never had boots on, moccasin slippers, and he (pedestrian) looked at me and I looked at him and he said well it’s your ladder you go up it. And I thought, oh Christ.
I get up there and the bloke was out like a light.
I then dragged him out and fireman carried him down and as I was coming down the ladder I was thinking to myself if he wakes up, I’m in the shit. I’ll drop you. Got down to the bottom, jumped on him and did cardiac on him, got him back breathing again and that was it.
I just do it, never thought of it, no those things don’t cross my mind.
Yeah it was quite a bad fire, burnt all the back of the house out and everything, the roof and the room, and the fire brigade turned round and said I’d saved his life.”


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