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Oscar, (with a little help from his mom C Merry) made you a video to say Happy Holidays! Starring Tiki and LoLo too.
Executive Producer Pop! (Rick Van Benschoten)

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Thumbnail picture by Rick!

Thank you Freesound Artists: swiftoid, pycckuu20032003, totya, adneonlux, NoiseCollector, juskiddink, genghis attenborough

My camera was missing for awhile
Then I found it with Oscar and some odd looking characters!
This is the footage I found on it...

The Grinch hated the Whos
Their stuff gave him the blues
All they seemed to do was show
off their baubles and shoes

So he snuck into the town
to tear Christmas down
When they all fell asleep
The Grinch started to creep!

Tiki Lou Who asked
"Santa why are you taking our tree?"
"It's missing some glitter
I'll fix it one two three!"
He lied to the pup gave
her a treat in a cup
She went back to bed
happy thoughts in her head

The Grinch took it all to Mount Crumpit
Every gift every toy every drum every trumpet
(Hopefully the abominable I mean, adorable snowcat will move)
So then he could dump it!

Up they went high with
The sleigh full of toys
And the Grinch listened for
Tears drowning Who holiday joys

But they sang all the same
And he heard with a start
They sang of simple joys
Of which stuff had no part

His heart burst with love and
Grew three times it's size
That he had that much room
Was quite a surprise

So back down they ran
To give it all back
They had Christmas again
When they emptied the pack

For all the mean he had done
They still weren't glum
Just being together was
A whole lotta fun

The huge Whoville Feast
Was laid out to eat
Every snack every candy
All the wonderful treats
The Guest of Honor was even asked
To slice The Roast Beets!

Max got a bowl too
And they filled it all up
With delish Who dog treats
He was a very Happy Pup!

The Holidays are about caring
Not blaring how much loot you got
Without sharing
The things you'll remember long after
It's gone isn't toys, trinkets, odds and ends
But the fun you had with your very best friends!

Time for happy dreams
About the good days to come
You don't really need stuff
To have lots of fun!

Well I hope Oscar
doesn't mind I share his film
with all his friends!


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