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This was not the first time i've seen and heard the maestro play. Months ago i had made a recording of the saw music for me to sample later. He was a really nice about the whole recording business. I gave him a few bucks at that time. Months passed and i did not see the maestro.

Then today as i came up from the 1 train there he was setting up. I asked him to play some Beatles. He objected for a while worried about copyrights. After an explanation of creative commons he set the tape in and began his duet. The saw is truly hypnotic to listen to... and as he played it reminded me of the film Delicatessen. In the end of the film the two characters, a clown and his lover the butchers daughter are sitting on the roof dueting. She plays the cello and he, the musical saw. if you've seen the film you know the absurd power of that scene and if not then forget it and just listen...

As part of our musical subway series we bring to you, "Imagine" by John Lennon performed by the musical saw maestro Moses Josiah in the 42nd street subway.


P.S. if you want the clean sample of the saw in an AIFF contact PanmanProductions.


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