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Despite “advances” in women’s rights, the media continues to display women as incapable, passive users of computers and related technology. The media glorify and hyper-sexualize the female making it harder for women to escape embedded gender-types.

With the fantasy of a utopian post gender world in the future, will our society be able to surpass the mediated identity already embedded in us? Or will the gendered nature of technology continue to perpetuate stereotypes and define women as the female characters that man has dreamt up?

Belle Nouveau is a surreal exploration of post-humanism and the seduction and power that technology and the media holds over women. The focus is on transformation and self-image, exploiting perverse desires that are derived from obsessing over technology, beauty, and perfection. Submission to fascination turns to into internal disgust with the stagnant mediated female image.

Cassandra Sechler 2010


2011: Belle Nouveau. SFUSFF, San Francisco, CA
2011: Belle Nouveau. Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival, Montreal
2011: Belle Nouveau. Mindscapes Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV
2011: Belle Nouveau. Pollygrind Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV
2011: Belle Nouveau. Viscera Film Festival Tour, National

Director's cut is available only for screenings and via request from the Director


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