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The soundtrack of this video is an experiment in wich the inner caracter's emotions are rapresented by a single sound object morphed in real time using the freeware software GranuLab.

Alina’s Waters

Along the coast near Rome, the ancient ruins of Anzio and Nettuno mark the boundary line between what is no more and what is still to come, the point where past legacy influences the present, where the nighttime horizon gradually turns into day. And it is here that a woman weaves together a dialogue with the most profound symbols of her soul.
Alina’s dialogue is an intimate, a-moral and rather unpredictable reflection about the contrasting emotions found in a woman torn between the biological desire for motherhood and the awareness of never having been a daughter.
Her a-typical, in-between status is then stirred by the fear of having to give up her hard-fought individuality, the fear of no longer being autonomous, totally independent of any role. More than a decision, Alina’s Waters endorses a moment of suspension, a return to the female cosmic principle, to water, the very element which surrounds her, attracts her, and which she is made of..
Abandoning herself in her womb – that concave refuge and liquid cradle – she is prompted to slow down her pace, so much so that she is made to fall, to lose her senses, so she can listen, silently, to the emotions and the sensations of her body. This is a return to her origins, a return to a natural dimension, free from external conditioning.


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