Art with vinyl

In the future, maybe all ruins will be in concrete.

The “Concrete music project” interrogates the relation between architecture and music.
I make copies of vinyl records in concrete by moulding them and playing them on a turntable as a performance.
This is a work about the ruin : On the one hand, the worn out touch of the old vinyls that my father used to listen, and on the other hand the process of democratisation of concrete during the 50’s which led to the typical Housing estates model.

I have already played my concrete discs as some electrostatic sets, playing copies of old rock or industrial music like Jimmy Hendrix, Einsturzende Neubauten or Black Sabbath. Within that framework, I produced variations between fading in and fading out of the sound, frictions and sometimes apocalyptic noises.

Artist : jeremy Chevalier

Camera : Déborah Legivre
Direction and editing : Aurélie Doutre


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