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From a series of paintings, painted in the open air on open moorland allowing the natural elements, eg gusty wind and light rain, to help direct the painting process. Fragments of found objects eg earth, wood, grass, sheeps' wool ... were mixed with some of the paint to help facilitate texture and correspondence with place.

As well as the use of brushes and other implements to apply the paint, various techniques were used to allow the wind to carry the paint to the painting surface. Periodically the painting surface was angled in various directions to help enable the wind and rain to merge and mix the paint in different ways.

Texture and form(s) within the painting were not pre-visualised or forced, but seemed to appear effortlessly and naturally during the painting process. The title for the painting also seemed to arise spontaneously from within the painting itself.

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Peace & Best Wishes


Painting by CCFineArtPainting
Spirit Horse
Acrylic on primed card on board
Size: 100cm x 70cm approximately

Music by CCFineArtPainting
Spirit Horse


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