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The dancer creates his own "stage design" while performing with five accelerometers on his body.
The theme was "man versus machine", performed on one of tschaikowskis greatest works.
The hardware, was a wireless aduinoplate, connected with the five sensors.
We did a shitload of coding(processing) to get it work - cause we arent programmer :D- (this project was performed in early 2010, the coding also in 2009 [no kinect available then]).
Sorry for the shitty cameraangle, but we are happy that someone got this on tape, at least!

Der Tänzer erstellt sein eigenes Bühnenbild, mittels Bewegungen.

\\ Bewegunserkennung via fünf Beschleunigungsmesser
\\ gefühlte 700 stunden Arbeit
\\ 1500 Zeilen Code (Visualisierung)
\\ Arduino + Processing
\\ Mensch vs Maschine
\\ 3 Beamer
\\ 12 Meter Wand
\\ B Seite Festival
\\ Zeitraumexit
\\ Schnapps und Schnittchen


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