Audio for Video

A commentary on our technologically ubiquitous world with a technologically-driven performance. We address the humor, the need, the psychological, physical, and imaginary relationship between technology and the human beings that created it...

Produced by
Fabio Massimo Cacciatori and Franco Bevione

Executive Producer
Vincenzo Lombardo

Production Manager
Paolo Armao

Direction and Choreography
Renata Sheppard

Interaction Design
Renata Sheppard / ASA Lab Team - Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park

Show Control and Interactive Design Programming
Ludwig Parentela

Show Control Supervisor
John Toenjes

Software Engineering
Fabrizio Nunnari

Luca Zanconi

Additional Programming
David Ayman Shamma

3D Supervisor
Davide Di Giannantonio

3D models and setup
Maurizio Casini

3D models
Shanti May

3D animation
Flavia Confaloni

Compositing and Video Post-Production
Jacopo Landi

Sound Design
Paolo Armao

Live music
Ramon Moro

Renata Sheppard

Chief Technical Officer
Piero Raucci

Set Design
Clelia Cardano Sheppard

Set Construction
Rosario Arena

Lighting Design
Edoardo Pezzuto

Telephone Drawing Artists
Stefano Giorgi
Clelia Jane Sheppard
Flavia Confaloni

Additional Artists
Clelia Cardano Sheppard
Jacopo Landi
Renata Sheppard

Tzu-Ying Ho
Lu-Kai Huang
Yin-Guan Huang
Vanessa Michielon

Special Guest
Ottavia Cacciatori


Jacopo Landi

Video Editor
Paolo Armao

Motion Graphics
Enrico De Palo

Ramon Moro + Paolo Armao


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