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"Kill My Body" was writed in 2003 by Saulo Valley in Belo Horizonte city / MG - Brasil. This song is recomended to movies that says about the people that fight till the death by he believes. By de expressions of the soul, faith and heart. War movies, for example, about freedom of expression, tortures, pains, high needs and extremely figh for the self respect and voice. If you need a high quality version, please tell me:


This song is a strong and clear message to the enemi who wants hurt you, destroy you, when you still fight to be happy. You still believing in God. You never give out. Anyway! So "Kill My Body" is very real and strong history of my life. I was betrayed by my best friends. They wanted to take all the money and property that I owned, and leave me with nothing!

And in the face of cruelty I had no strength to fight ... even without emotional forces, decided to tell everyone around me that I would even die fighting for my own life! That even if I lost everything, even my own life, they could not take what was of greater value that is within me: Myself!

They could not stop me from continuing, because my greatest asset is the gift of creating. My ability to feel, think and express myself. For this reason I am here today, much stronger than before.


Kill my body.
Let me on the floor,
Somehow, I am steel alive.

Take my money.
Destroy my dress,
Somehow I am steel right here.

Therefore, my heart will never die.
My mind should be, always continue fine.

That is right, I know
You will be trying.
My God be came to
Guard me.

You are bad.
Your eyes, they are burning.
Unknown do you do not touch me.

Only a man,
And more strong that an evil,
Cause I have the blood's Jesus.

I am shore you are not anybody.
Have a heart ugly and dark inside.


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