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Starting from BOSTON on a road trip to ASHEVILLE, NC heading to MOOG headquarters for chance to play all the MOOG instruments on their showroom floor at MOOG STORE, then zipping up into the Blue Ridge Mountains for a live improv Orgy Of Noise session (with ANIMOOG iPad and custom BTM made Spring Hurdy Gurgy Cirgar Box Thumb Piano) then back the next morning for a TOUR of the MOOG FACTORY with our generous guide JIM from MOOG and then back to Boston.

soundtrack & video etc by Bill T Miller
of Orgy Of Noise & Zonkulator

photos & video & etc by Sheri Hausey
assistant video editing b Ziggy Cat
post production at Headroom Studios - Boston
(Final Cut Pro & Pro Tools)

more at:


All the SYNTH sounds were created on MOOG ANIMOOG app for iPad.... but MINIMOOG VOYAGER, LITTLE PHATTY, MOOGERFOOGERS from the Moog Store are pictured in the video and photos. The Moog Store & Factory videos and one of the angles on the Mountain Jam were shot on iPhone or iPad using Super8 app & Tilt Shift for the tunnel time lapse. The main camera for Mountain Jam was a Panasonic = DVX-100B video camera, the audio was direct Animoog iPad and the BTM Spring Thumb Piano into a Roland Cube Battery Amp and was captured live to video with a Shure SM-57 microphone. If you listen carefully you can hear the air of the mountain winds and the roar of motorcycles on the road beyond.

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