Autoportraits - Self-Portraits

In our project, we decided to confront a challenge to portray and represent, via film and photography, a body of artworks by an artist, Jonty Hurwitz. That meant standing face to face and eye to eye with 10 sculptures and paintings in the duration of three weeks.

The particularity of the works – a necessity to view them from a precise location and position in relation to the artwork in order to be able to “see” – was precisely what made it an interesting journey to undertake. We enjoyed playing with the paradoxical idea to represent something through a non-human optical lens in a way as a human eye would need to see it.

This video of one of these pieces, the Interconnectedness of Self, is a great example of our journey. The piece itself is a 3d installation which consists of a sculptural portrait, a background, and their illusionistic fusion into each other. Our video is an illusionistic play with an illusionistic sculpture.

see more of his work:


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