A basic Tutorial"series" on postproduction of Footage taken in Darkness with DSLRs and other Videocameras.
Please look the Table of Contents and skip to the Parts which may interest you:

Introduction at Start
"Part 1: Shooting" starting at 1:25
"Part 2: Basic Denoising" starting at 6:15
"Part 3: Heavy Noise!" starting at 13:46 (sorry, I went a bit too far away from the Mic...)
"Part 4: Super Clean" starting at 19:21
"Part 5: Grain on it's own" starting at 22:25
Final Words at 23:42

Of course I forgot to mention several things. Sorry for that, Recording took me already three hours where I thought "maybe I should've

learned this language a little bit better in school"

Watch the Movie it bases on! (german) (english)

...and the Making Of :)

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Presets for NEAT Video

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